Movie Moments Podcast Ep. 005: The Thing (1982)

Movie Moments Podcast is a heart-felt and funny podcast where every episode one movie is picked to watch, and one separately meaningful moment is chosen to discuss.

In Episode 005, William welcomes returning special guest Joshua Ligairi (aka “Wolfman Josh”, aka “Spacewolf”) of Horror Movie PodcastMovie Stream Cast, and Universal Monsters Cast to discuss movie moments from John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982). Join us!

*** This episode is a little longer than normal because the show had it’s very first Magic Moment and I impulsively decided to get all down a personal with Josh… which made it much more of an Awkward Moment instead.


Special guest Joshua Ligairi






[ 0:17:00 ] William’s Movie Moment: The Thing (1982)

[00:23:15] The very first Magic Moment!!! Which William quickly turns into an awkward moment… heart-felt, but very awkward.

The photo below features Josh and me from our Junior High School yearbook. I know that Josh doesn’t have a beard in these photos, but he definitely had one when I first saw him walking down the hallway in 8th grade. I don’t remember him ever wearing glasses though.

[ 0:36:25 ] Joshua’s Movie Moment: The Thing (1982)


Hear Joshua Ligairi on Movie Stream Cast

Hear Wolfman Josh on Horror Movie Podcast

Hear Wolfman Josh on  Universal Monsters Cast

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Author: William

William Rowan Jr: Director, Writer, Producer, and Podcaster.

2 thoughts on “Movie Moments Podcast Ep. 005: The Thing (1982)”

  1. The Thing
    Growing up in the 80s was awesome. Cable was still in its infancy and so was Fox.
    Locally they would get whatever film they could. My eldest brother was a horror hound and would record many different films.
    I would occasionally sneak a peak and view whatever he was watching.
    The scene from this film that forever stuck with me is pivotal to my love for horror and practical special effects.
    **** You’ve been warned****

    Norris has a heart attack. Copper is going to defibulate his heart and shock it back to life. Then the Norris-Thing’s chest opens and grabs Coppers arms, only then MacReady incinerates the Thing, but Norris’s head detached and begins to walk away with crabblike legs. In all unfolds quick and with great tension. It might be the cliched scene, but when I think of the Thing, it’s this moment.
    Love this film. Glad so many feel the same. Totally want to see this one on the Big Screen.
    The Thing is on my top ten all time Horror films. Thanks for the episode.
    I actually rewatched the other day. It’s annual winter viewing.

  2. Wow. I listened to this back-to-back with the 28 Days Later episode, and there’s now no doubt in my mind that this is a brilliant podcast, maybe my favourite out right now. I’ve been listening to all you guys on the network for years, and I’ve never felt as close to you as people than I do after hearing these last few episodes, and to me, that’s what listening to podcasts is all about. Thank you, William, for putting this together and caring it about it so deeply

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