Movie Moments Podcast Ep. 002: The Burbs (1989)

Movie Moments Podcast is a heart-felt and funny podcast where every episode one movie is picked to watch, and one separately meaningful moment is chosen to discuss.

In Episode 002, William welcomes special guest Joshua Ligairi (aka “Wolfman Josh”, aka “Spacewolf”) of Horror Movie PodcastMovie Stream Cast, and Universal Monsters Cast to discuss movie moments from The Burbs (1989). Join us!


Here is a photo of Josh Ligairi and me around or right after our senior year of high school. This is our high school punk band with Matt (from The Sci-Fi Podcast), and our very good friend Jeremy Wright.

— Getting to know special guest Joshua Ligairi.

[ 0:08:40 ] William’s Movie Moment:  The Burbs (1989)

[ 0:12:30 ] Josh’s Movie Moment: The Burbs (1989)


** The music for this podcast is brought to you by The Bad Spellers.

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